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Law Advocate Group, LLP provides general legal services, counsel and representation to individuals & businesses in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Our experienced legal team puts more than 80 years of combined experience and knowledge at your side in business law, entertainment law, real estate law, civil & business litigation and criminal defense law.

Our Los Angeles Law Firm is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and serves all of Southern California.

While we are a general practice Los Angeles law firm and can advise you on a number of different matters, our strength and experience is in Los Angeles entertainment law, business law, real estate law, business litigation and criminal defense matters in Southern California. The majority of cases we litigate represent a single plaintiff, but we are more than capable of handling class action lawsuits as well.

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At Law Advocate Group, LLP, we value our relationships with our clients. We often tell clients that we want to be their “attorneys for life.” Some engage us to handle one specific matter and do not have a reason to seek legal counsel again. Many others, however, particularly those who are active in business and entertainment in the local community, have consistently returned to us any time the need for legal counsel or services has arisen.

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When faced with legal troubles or in search of justice for yourself or your business, it is advised that you seek the counsel of a professional Los Angeles Business Lawyer who has years of courtroom experience and the accolades to prove it. Law Advocate Group, LLP is proud to extend our services to anyone that seeks an elevated level of legal service in Los Angeles, CA.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of cases throughout Los Angeles, with strong experience in the area of:

Business Law

Our Los Angeles Business Lawyers are knowledgeable in commercial law, business formation and alteration, civil litigation, transactions, breach of contract, contract fraud, business litigation, business fraud, business planning, business reorganization, business transfers, buying and selling of businesses, closely-held business, entrepreneurial business, corporate partnerships and S corporations. Our experienced team of business lawyers has received top ratings among industry peers in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and nationwide. When choosing a Los Angeles business lawyer or attorney, please choose an experienced team who can handle your needs with grace & professionalism.

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Los Angeles Business Law Firm

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Business & Civil Litigation

When it comes to business or civil litigation matters, there are never any guarantees on how your case will turn out. Therefore, it is best to work with a civil litigation attorney who is highly experienced, and who is dedicated to representing your interests and rights to the full extent of the law. At Law Advocate Group, we will evaluate your situation and develop a solution that will help produce real results in your favor.

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Business & Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Los Angeles

Entertainment Law

Entertainment Lawyers are able to provide legal counsel in trademarks and licensing, copyrights, pre-production agreement, post-production agreement, actor agreements (e.g., live-action, animation, commercials, video games), composer agreements, arranger/producer agreements, music licensing and TV agreements. Our Los Angeles entertainment lawyers are knowledgeable in many areas.

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Los Angeles Entertainment Lawyers

Entertainment Law Firm in Beverly Hills

Corporate Law

Law Advocate Group understands that owning your own business is extremely rewarding but rife with constant challenges. We assist our most valued clients in the formation of their corporation and all the necessary steps to safeguard the business once it’s incorporated. Law Advocate Group of Los Angeles provides valuable legal counsel at every major transition, from choosing the right type of entity when forming the company to managing daily operations and targeting a long-term strategies for success.

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Los Angeles Corporate Law Firm

Corporate Lawyers in Beverly Hills

Real Estate Law

Our Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers can assist in legal matters dealing with, but not limited to: leasing, corporate real estate, homeowners association law, land sales, real estate acquisitions, real estate contracts, real estate development, real estate fraud and title insurance. Los Angeles Real Estate Law deals with everything and anything that is related to real property and involves regulations and laws for protection of real estate and governance of real estate related transactions. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you deal with legal matters pertaining to all aspects of Los Angeles real estate law. Our real estate lawyers have served Beverly Hills and Los Angeles for over 25 years.

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Beverly Hills Real Estate Lawyers

Criminal Defense Law

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers take a unique approach to defending the rights of our clients who are facing criminal charges regarding sex crimes, charges of rape and sexual abuse, drug possession, murder and criminal appeals.

Criminal Defense Law

Beverly Hills Criminal Defense Attorneys

Beverly Hills Criminal Law

Trademarks and Copyrights

Trademark licensing is an important part of intellectual property law. With the right trademark attorney by your side, you can make sure that your product or service is instantly recognizable, as well as protect yourself from competitors who want to trade on your good name. For the best trademark attorney in Los Angeles, contact our Beverly Hills office today.

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Los Angeles Trademark and Copyright Lawyers

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Experienced, Accessible, Thorough…
and Committed to Your Case

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Our Los Angeles attorneys represent a combined experience of more than 80 years. Each brings their own strengths and concentrations, permitting us to cover a wide range of civil and criminal legal matters.

Law Advocate Group makes a point of being accessible throughout LA: Our attorneys give their cell numbers to their clients! Enhancing accessibility is the fact that our staff includes Persian, Hebrew, Filipino and Spanish speakers.

We also make a point of trying to contain costs as much as possible. We recognize that law can be a complex process that, if not properly managed, can become protracted and resource-draining. So we are diligent in meeting deadlines, thorough in our work and mindful of your budget. We will speak up when we feel that negotiation or mediation might be preferable to litigation.

Super Lawyer – Susan Rabin

Susan Rabin is a highly regarded by professionals in the entertainment industry who seek legal counsel. In April of 2013, SuperLawyers.com received a U.S. patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Pat. No. 8,412,564).

Super Lawyers has developed an attorney selection process that has a patented multiphase selection process that further demonstrates credibility as impartial third-party rating system. This rating system involves peer nominations as well as evaluations that are combined with third-party research that determine peer recognition and professional achievements. The rating uses 12 indicators and selections are made on an annual, state-by-state basis.

We are proud to have Ms. Susan Rabin as a part of Law Advocate Group of Beverly Hills. Ms. Rabin has been recognized as a Super Lawyer for 9 consecutive years (2006 – 2014) and has been published in Law & Politics Magazine and LA Magazine. Ms. Rabin provides a vast amount of knowledge and expertise entertainment law.

Top Avvo Lawyer Ratings

Doron Eghbali is a dedicated business lawyer Beverly Hills business owners and corporations have turned to for business litigation issues. Avvo is a website where users can view ratings, reviews, and disciplinary records of lawyers across the nation. Avvo also has a highly active community of lawyers that can answer user questions directly and even endorse other lawyers in their industry.

Doron is a highly active member in the Avvo lawyer community and has been endorsed by other lawyers for his commitment to his clients, his diligence in his work, his kindness and compassion, and his strength in asserting his clients’ rights.

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Our Los Angeles Law Firm is based in Beverly Hills, CA where our lawyers have acquired over 80 years of combined experience in legal representation. Our skills and knowledge are a top resource for our clients that has been recognized by industry peers and judges. If you have a matter specifically involving business, litigation, entertainment or real estate law, please take a moment to fill out the form below so that we may get in contact with you.

Our Business Lawyers in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles can help you with a variety of issues pertaining to every aspect of local and national law. To speak with a knowledgeable Beverly Hills law attorney today, visit our contact page to initiate the first steps to legal consultation in Beverly Hills, Orange County or L.A. County.
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