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Gun Laws in California

Gun Laws in California (1) In the US, each state has its own rules and legislations with regards to the sale and possessions of firearms, along with all relevant local and federal laws. A lawful gun owner in California must be aware of the appropriate
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Laws Against Extortion in California

Laws Against Extortion in California (1) Extortion, which is commonly referred to as blackmail, is a crime many have heard about. This is because extortion most often is targeted towards those who are well-known in society, but no one is immune from becoming victims of this
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The California Consumers Legal Remedies Act

The California Consumers Legal Remedies Act (1) A major component of running a successful business is attracting customers and selling goods and services. Given that some industries have cut-throat competition, some business try to entice customers through unfair means. Unfair practices towards customers is not tolerated in
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What Does Motion Picture Packaging Encompass?

What Does Motion Picture Packaging Encompass (1) The first ingredient of film production entails amalgamation of the package. Hence, it behooves entertainment-industry participants to ascertain what packaging entails and how to best optimize it. Let us explore such salient topic further. OVERSIMPLIFIED  DEFINITION OF PACKAGING The definition
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Libel or Business Disparagement Laws

Business Disparagement Laws (1) Heard often in legal/courtroom dramas, business owners will boldly yell at someone that he or she will be sued for libel. Sure, it adds drama, but what does libel really mean? Within the context of commercial settings, business disparagement refers
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Representations and Warranties in Contracts

Representations and Warranties in Contracts (1) There are many different mechanisms, provisions, and clauses in a contract that parties to the same must be aware of. One of such contractual mechanisms are representations and warranties. These important aspects of contracts deal with the distribution of risk.
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Laws Against Child Pornography in California

Laws Against Child Pornography in California (1) There are many protections under California law meant to ensure the safety of minors and apprehend those who violate such laws. One of these measures is the active pursuing of those who deal with child pornography. The California penal code
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What Does “Time is of the Essence” Encompass in Real Estate Transactions?

Time is of the Essence Timing is of paramount of importance in real estate transactions. However, not always, “time is of the essence”. In fact, there is no requirement, generally, for parties to contract about the timing of their performances. In most circumstances, if timing
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Paying and Caring for Somebody? Probably, You May Deduct Some Taxes

Deduct Some Taxes With taxes looming over us and haunting our financial and non-financial decisions alike, it is time to delve into our expenses and find places where we could deduct some taxes, if possible. There are some ways to deduct some of
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Auto Burglary Crime in California

Auto Burglary Crime in California (1)   Robbery does not just include breaking into someone’s house and stealing all of their valuable belongings; it can expand to many other contexts, with one of them being auto burglary. California has criminalized this act under Penal Code 459
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