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Affidavit versus Declaration

affidavits and declarations It is common to have to sign legal documents and swear to their veracity while involved in a legal case. The reasons for having to sign a legal statement may vary, but it is important that people understand what kind
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Bookmaking and Betting Law

Bookmaking and Betting Law Throughout your lifetime, you will probably have engaged in or made bets with your friends over ordinary or minor things. Let’s see what are betting law in California. While betting whether your friend will show up to the dinner on
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What is Contempt of Court?

What is Contempt of Court While watching TV shows, you might have come across scenes featuring a dramatic lawyer being incredibly belligerent in order to prove a point. Suddenly, the judge will warn the lawyer that they will be held in contempt of court if
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Getting Tanned And Getting Burned With Tanning Tax

Getting Tanned And Getting Burned With Tanning Tax As part of the health care overhaul, Congress, seeking to fund such behemoth piece of legislation, imposed 10% taxes on tanning. However, as with any bureaucratic move of such magnitude in its infancy, the taxing poses some unresolved challenges and
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How To Do Your Tax Planning In Current Uncertain Times

How To Do Your Tax Planning In Current Uncertain Times Amid partisan bickering in Washington DC and volatile economic conditions, businesses and individuals alike feel abandoned and to some extent frightened. The question they all might have in mind is how to protect their hard-earned dollars. Let us explore this
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Residential Real Estate Recovery Remains Elusive

Residential Real Estate Recovery Remains Elusive The latest data on the residential real estate does not provide a rosy picture. In fact, the data indicate, overall, housing inventories rose for the eighth consecutive month in August of 2010. Let us explore the data further for more
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Tax Vocabulary: Some Of What We Should Know Now

Tax Vocabulary: Some Of What We Should Know Now To know our rights, it behooves us to understand some of the tax jargon often used by the media such as tax expenditures, tax gap or the difference between tax credits and tax deductions. Let us further explore these rather
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Signing a Letter

Signing a Letter A person’s signature is an important part of their identity and ability to provide written consent. As such, there are aspects of the criminal penal code that protect individuals from forgery – an individual imitating your signature without your permission.
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Rental Agreements

Rental Agreements You are often encouraged to fully read over important agreements for a mortgage or a car lease, but it is equally important to have a full understanding of rental agreements with a landlord. Also called a lease, the rental agreement
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Overweight Vehicles on California Roads

Overweight Vehicles on California Roads While driving, you will often see signs that explain whether or not a large vehicle is allowed on a specific stretch of highway. For most drivers, their regular cars are nowhere near overweight, and this is not a problem for
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