What Is Forgery Law In California?

  What Is Forgery Law In California? Forgery, as a white-collar crime, has a relatively broad definition under current state of California law. According to California Penal Code 470 PC, forgery is an act of faking the seal or handwriting

What Is Right of Publicity?

  What Is Right of Publicity? Many celebrities and others with prominent public personas have pursued lawsuits for damages regarding violations of this right. However, what is this right? Fundamentally, it comes down to the notion that all individuals have

Lewd Acts In Public

  Lewd Acts In Public In California, Penal Code 647(a) specifies punishments for committing lewd acts or soliciting someone else to perform it while in public or some place within public view. There are several ideas requiring further clarification in

Copyright Law In California

  Copyright Law In California One of the most important things a creator has to be aware of is how to protect their piece of work. Knockoffs and cheap imitations drown the market of any good; this not only damages

Real Estate And Mortgage Fraud

Real Estate And Mortgage Fraud   Committing fraud is a dangerous act since in the long run it can negatively affect not only yourself, but also the lives of all those involved in the deceptive scheme. Among the many types

Alcohol Consumption And Driving

Alcohol Consumption And Driving   Much like there are warnings on certain prescription medications that while under the influence of the medicine you cannot operate heavy machinery, the same can be said of alcohol consumption. Alcohol impairs one’s senses and

Commercial Lease Laws

  Commercial Lease Laws As in many other states, commercial tenants in California are not legally afforded the same rights as a residential tenant. A commercial tenant does not own the actual land of their property, they only own their

Marijuana Laws In California

  Marijuana Laws In California Since the “war on drugs” of the 1970s, popularized and enforced by then US President Richard Nixon, the legalization and criminalization of drugs has been a complex and controversial issue across all US states. One

How To Set Up A Sole Proprietorship In California

  How To Set Up A Sole Proprietorship In California This form of business is the most simple one as the owner and the business entity are the same. It can only exist as long as the owner does as

White-Collar Crime

  White-Collar Crime White-collar crime refers to non-violent crime committed in commercial sectors. It is compared to blue-collar crime, which more often can include a use of force. Those who commit white-collar crime are usually business professionals and they are