What Is Self Defense?

  What Is Self Defense? While watching different crime and legal shows, you may have noticed that self defense can take on different meanings in different TV shows. However, under California law, specifically Penal Code Section 198.5, an individual has

Laws Against Animal Abuse

In many homes and among many families, pets are an essential member of the household. However, while most people take proper care of their pets others, unfortunately, do not. A vast number of shelters exist as many rescued pets, like

Insider Trading and Why It Is Illegal

The stock market is an important and complex place as it can affect the wellbeing of a country’s economy, businesses, and individuals. As such, there are stringent rules in place regarding the buying, selling, and trading of stocks. One of

Getting a Mortgage for Your House

While some people can afford to buy their house and pay for the price of the home using their own savings and help from family/friends, most individuals in California must go to the bank and receive a loan for the
Can You Remain Silent? Image

Can You Remain Silent?

  Can You Remain Silent? Yes. In the US, you have a constitutional right to remain silent. You do not have to give an explanation of why you are not speaking, simply say “I want to remain silent.” You are
What Is Retail Theft? Image

What Is Retail Theft?

  What Is Retail Theft? Retail theft – or shoplifting – is when a person will “feloniously steal, take, carry, lead, or drive away the personal property of another” (Cal. Pen. Code § 484). These individuals usually take items from
Protecting a Business’ Brand

Protecting a Business’ Brand

When you are running a business, your success comes down to how others perceive the business and its actions. Public perception can make or break a business. If your business provides a service or a product, you will want to
Plea Bargaining in California

Plea Bargaining in California

One of the tools used in the criminal system is a plea bargain. However, while plea bargains have proved effective in some cases, they do not come without controversy either. First to define, a plea bargain is an agreement between
Civil Litigation Assault and Battery

Civil Litigation: Assault and Battery

Many people think that the only way to achieve “justice” for an assault or battery is to go through the criminal justice system. However, the circumstances and/or context of the crime can prevent the prosecution from meeting the burden of
What Is Mediation? Image

What Is Mediation?

What Is Mediation? Mediation is a dispute-resolving process that includes a neutral third party, or mediator. The two opposing parties are not given a judgement by the mediator, but rather the mediator acts as an aid and facilitator of communication