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Brief Overview of Music Copyright

Brief Overview of Music Copyright For musicians everywhere, music is their craft and their own unique work. The circumstances can be different for each musician; some musicians work with studios while others have their own independent labels to everything in between. Regardless of the way
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Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitations Often in TV shows or in movies, we hear about something called a statute of limitations. It usually acts as a dramatic point that either helps or hinders the police. A statute of limitations is a real legal concept and
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What is a Negative Pickup Deal?

What is a Negative Pickup Deal? In the entertainment industry, one of the major problems that plague projects is financing. Finding the right investors or partners can be difficult, especially if a project requires immediate capital. Specifically, in film/movie production, producers can receive funding through away
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Pre-Sale Agreement in the Entertainment Industry

Pre-Sale Agreement in the Entertainment Industry The producer of a film has many different responsibilities, with the most important one is financing it. Raising the necessary amount for a budget can involve investors, funds, government grants, and agreements with studios/distributors. One of the deals a producer
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Broadcast Syndication

Broadcast Syndication When turning on the television, you will notice that the schedule will consist of shows that are being aired for the first time, as well as shows being re-run. One of the systems that governs the broadcasting of TV shows
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Why Should Written Contracts Protect Your Ideas?

Why Should Written Contracts Protect Your Ideas? Probably, the most effective and efficient methodology to protect your ideas is through well-drafted contracts. Contracts could be express or implied-in-fact. If the agreement was not put into writing, the idea could NOT NECESSARILY be protected. Let us analyze how
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A Closer Look at Publicists

A Closer Look at Publicists Celebrities in Hollywood usually have a large team of individuals and firms working for them. Among these individuals are the publicists. While a general overview of being a publicist has been provided previously, this article will focus more on the
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Entering the Entertainment World: Who is an Agent?

The agent in the Entertainment World Who is an Agent In the entertainment industry, a talent agent is essential for success in a professional ecosystem that is infamous for its hyper-competitiveness. An agent can work for musicians, actors, dancers, athletes, and even writers. The agent’s main priority is to promote
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Option Contracts in the Film Industry

Option Contracts in the Film Industry In the movie-making industry, many films originate from another source material or form of inspiration and, as such, intellectual property (IP) law will become involved. When a film is based on a book or screenplay or other creative piece that
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What Is A Performing Rights Society (ASCAP & BMI)?

Performing Rights Society Performing Rights Society (ASCAP & BMI) Performing Rights Societies (ASCAP & BMI) collect licensing fees from television, radio, restaurants, malls, concert halls, bars, night clubs, colleges, hotels, airplanes and others and pay those fees to writers and publishers of the
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