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How To Hire A Lawyer

Hire A Lawyer How To Hire A Lawyer As a member of society, you may at some point find yourself needing legal guidance. If so, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to provide counsel, no matter what the situation may be. There
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Arbitration – What You Need to Know

What is Arbitration? Arbitration is a mechanism that helps resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. An arbitrator is a third party who has access to documents and hears oral arguments by both sides of the case. Each side can (and
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Defective Product

Defective Product   When we purchase a product, we have expectations. We have expectations that the product will work properly and will be safe to use. These expectations seem reasonable. Unfortunately, products can have defects and damaging things can happen.
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Statutory Rape

Statutory Rape Statutory Rape Among the various sex crimes, California Penal Code 261.5 PC specifically addresses statutory rape. This crime occurs when an individual, who is over the age of consent, has sexual intercourse with another individual who is a legal minor.
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Lewd Acts In Public

Lewd Acts In Public Image   Lewd Acts In Public In California, Penal Code 647(a) specifies punishments for committing lewd acts or soliciting someone else to perform it while in public or someplace within public view. There are several ideas requiring further clarification in order
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What Are Punitive Damages?

What Are Punitive Damages? In a civil case, if the claims of the lawsuit are proven by the plaintiff, they can receive damages. Damages are compensatory or punitive. Under compensatory damages, the plaintiff can receive damages that cover either economic
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What Is Discovery

What is an Informal And Formal Discovery What is an Informal And Formal Discovery? This article refers to the process of discovery in civil cases. Discovery is an important legal process that allows all parties to request and gather information.On a case through depositions and exchange of documents.This
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Evading Police – What Will Happen?

Evading Police – What Will Happen? Evading Police? Many of our favorite action movies include a scene where multiple police cars chase a suspect down a highway or through a major city center. These scenes seem exciting and packed with
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DUI Charges with a Commercial Driver’s License

DUI Charges with a Commercial Driver’s License DUI Charges with a Commercial Driver’s License Driving under the influence (DUI) laws specify conditions for various types of DUI crimes, such as different kinds of intoxications, as well as separate penalties for those who are arrested for driving under
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What is Copyright?

What is Copyright What is Copyright? What is Copyright? One aspect of intellectual property law is copyright protection. In the US, federal law grants copyright protection for both published and unpublished works. The work must be an original piece by the author and
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